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V-Steam Chair

Protable Home Use Electric Vagi Stool V-Steam Vagina Steamer Material:High Quality ABS Adjustable temperature How to use: 1.Add 20ml of herbal extract and 30ml of water into the inner container 2.Place the seat in top of the base, c

Detox Pearls

Detox pearls are herbal tampons, in which your body absorbs the ingredients vaginally. ShopFrosting's detox pearls (also known as yoni pearls) and are 100% organic, made-to-order. 3 pearls = 1 cleanse. Detox pearls help with the following, but isn't

Yoni Steam Herbs

ShopFrosting's premium organic Home V-Steam kit is made for women wanting to detox and maintain their vaginal health. Our V-Steams are 100% organic and are made-to-order.

Moringa Oil

Moringa Oil - For Skin, Hair and Scalp

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